September 8, 2010

BBD: Hughes to be skipped, Aceves and Marte done for 2010

Bronx Baseball Daily, the Yankees blog I used to write for, has a few news updates on the Yankees you need to know (via the Daily News).

Phil Hughes will be skipped one start in the Yankees rotation to limit his innings, Joe Girardi said before Wednesday’s series finale against Baltimore. Dustin Moseley will start Sunday in Texas, and Hughes will return to the rotation next Wednesday in Tampa.

Also, Girardi said Alfredo Aceves (back) will not return this season, and Damaso Marte (shoulder) will “probably not” be back in 2010.

Hopefully Moseley can come through for maybe just one more time.

Too bad about Aceves and Marte; they would have been nice to have for the postseason.  

If you have some free time, be sure to check out BBD. Rob Abruzzese and his crew have created a quality Yankees blog that offers plenty of unique links.

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