January 17, 2011

Golden Globe winners: Yankees edition

The Yankees made a splash at last night’s Gold Globe Awards, leaving award-deserving movies like “The Social Network” empty-handed. Without further ado, I present the major award winners from last night.

Golden Globe StatueBest Actor in Motion Picture - Drama:

No pitcher left you at the edge of your seat like Joba Chamberlain did in 2010. Houdiniing his way out of jam after jam in each of his 73 appearances without a single blemish last year made him a no-brainer for the Globes’ most desired award.

Best Director – Director:
Joe Girardi prepared a compelling script in 2010, but occasionally found ways to surprise viewers and sometimes crew members too. Despite stacks of binders filling up his office — and even the set at times — no director made as many gutsy decisions as Girardi.

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy:
This was the only vote in this Gloves history that was unanimous. Chan Ho Park put people in tears of laughter with his now famous Diarrhea Scene, and the voters couldn’t look past a performance like that.

Best Actor - Foreign Language Film:
No one put the ‘I’ in “Foreign” like Francisco Cervelli did in 2010. With a fool-proof Italian accent, from a squatting position, Cervelli delivered one memorable monologue after another as his foes approached him from off set.

Best Lead Actor:
Despite seven actors earning more money, Robinson Cano’s performance was worth remembering in 2010. He delivered 200 quality hits, hosted 41 double features and three triple features, and managed to find his way home 103 times.

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