January 3, 2011

Poll Results: Yankees can’t win AL East without Andy Pettitte

poll results55A slight majority of fans don’t think the Yankees can win the AL East without Andy Pettitte in their rotation.

It’s already Jan. 3 and Pettitte still hasn’t decided if he wants to keep playing. This marks the fifth straight offseason in which the Yankees have had to wait for the southpaw to make a decision.

He reached an agreement with the Yankees in December three of the last four years, but waited until Jan. 26 to return in 2008. So fans are in luck after all, I guess.

The latest on Pettitte came from Mark Teixeira, who told reporters his latest text exchange hinted at Pettitte retiring.

Assuming Pettitte doesn’t return, are fans really counting the Yankees out of the division race? We know the Red Sox will be good, maybe not 116-win good, but they’ll be more competitive than last year if healthy.

Still, I think the Yankees have a great team and currently have room in the payroll to upgrade at the midseason trade deadline.

Next poll: On Opening Day, who is the Yankees’ setup man?


Uncle T said...

Great new look for the blog!

Lenny Neslin said...

Thanks, on mobile, right?

Anonymous said...

as much as i like to see andy pettitte back you cant expect a lot from him if burnet bounce back and cc pitch the he is capable and phil have a good year all the yankkes need is to trade for a big time pitcher which can be available this summer said once and i say it again betance or banuelo are going to contribute this summer have patience yankees fan this year is going to tough but it might end up being the sweetest of all

Lenny Neslin said...

Nice comment. At this point, I'm not sure if Betances or Banuelos are quite ready for the majors, but if they impress in spring training and then in the minors, you are absolutely right.

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