February 28, 2011

Poll Results: Robinson Cano to finish in Top 5 MVP voting in 2011

poll results63

The majority of voters in last week’s poll said Robinson Cano will finish in the top 5 of MVP voting for the 2011 season. Twenty-five percent said he will win it, and just nine percent said “no chance.”

I wrote a bit about Cano earlier in the week, as I contemplated whether Cano should switch with Mark Teixeira in the lineup (Cano 3, A-Rod 4, Tex 5).

I think hitting third would help Cano’s chances for winning MVP simply because he’d get more plate appearances to inflate his numbers. Comparing Cano and Tex last season, Tex played in two less games but had 16 more PAs. Obviously this is not a huge difference, but again, hitting higher in the order can only help Cano’s chances.

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