February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday makes me think baseball needs a one-game playoff

The most overblown annual sporting event is tonight, and I can guarantee you it wouldn’t be nearly as hyped up if the NFL champion was decided in seven games like baseball’s World Series. 

The idea of adding a second wild card to both the American and National Leagues would create an opportunity for a one-game playoff. The two wild cards from both leagues would square off in one game (ideally hosted by the team with the better record), and both winners would advance to their respective Division Series.

Key Advantage:
Like the Super Bowl, fans would rather watch one hyped up game than a five- or seven-game series.

Key Disadvantage
A 162-game season would come down to just one game.

What the heck is Bud Selig waiting for? I think baseball is still recuperating from the steroid era, and it needs a change to advance to the next era.

A one-game playoff extends the playoffs, which everyone loves, but only by a few days. I am completely against the NHL and NBA playoff systems that feature 16 teams and a best-of-seven series each round. That is far too long and means one team in the bottom half of each league makes the playoffs.

P.S.: The Packers are going to beat the Steelers 31-21 — I learned that yesterday.

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