May 17, 2011

It’s too early to vote for the All-Star Game

This is wrong on so many levels (except for Curtis Granderson’s inclusion).

First, is the All-Star Game between everyone’s favorite players (as above picture says) or the league’s best players? Well, according to Bud Selig, the game actually matters; it determines which league gets home-field advantage in the World Series.

If you are a fan of a team you think might make the World Series, you would be wise to ignore’s advice and vote for who you think are the best players. And even if you are a fan of the Astros, you should still be voting for the best the league has to offer.

Second, the fact that the ballots opened less than a complete month into the season (I’m 99 percent sure of this)  is absurd. If I vote — I usually do — it will be in the last few hours before ballots close. As should everyone else. How else can you best judge the best possible group of All-Stars? That’s why you won’t find a single link here to vote until July.

I plan to keep you updated on the voting as the results pour in, but I won’t post my ballot until the last few hours before it closes.

I’d like to re-post something I wrote last year for my final point on the All-Star Game. Nothing’s changed.

Of all the rules in baseball that could be changed (instant replay, realignment, etc.), the All-Star Game’s meaning is the most disturbing to me. The fans’ vote turns into a popularity contest, automatically generating snubs, but the game’s outcome determines home-field advantage for the World Series. Even admits more-deserving players don’t get selected year after year. Evidence?

all star game snub

Above is a snippet of an article’s headline from By saying “inevitably” it proves MLB knew the system was flawed before the vote, but still didn’t change the rule. With a fan vote, the All-Star Game should have no meaning and the team with the better record in the World Series should get home-field. I’d love to hear someone refute this point in the comments.

Again, I’d love to hear someone refute this point in the comments.

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