May 30, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Jeter, Soriano, Swisher, Gardner, Robertson, Granderson, Posada

Hey Yankee Fans,

Sorry for the week off. I graduated college last weekend and Lenny was nice enough to give me the week off. To start the week, the Yankees find themselves in second place to the Red Sox. The Yankees have lost all but one of the games they have played against the Red Sox and play the Red Sox next week (I am taking my little cousin to the first game). So no more talking about the Red Sox. In other news, Derek Jeter is closing in on 3,000 hits so hopefully that can happen this homestand. While I had my week off, and it’s kicked in that I am in the real world, here’s what I have observed over the last two weeks.

Why did the Yankees break the golden rule? DON’T SIGN RELIEVERS TO LARGE MULTI-YEAR DEALS!!! They also added their own clever idea… GIVE THE PITCHER THE ABILITY TO OPT OUT AFTER EVERY YEAR OF THE DEAL!! Rafael Soriano has a chance to be Carl Pavano the reliever if he needs another elbow surgery.

Even when the Yankees have a good day offensively they still can’t beat King Felix.

Will the Yankees really not pick up Nick Swisher’s option next year? Who would have thought that at the beginning of the year? Seemed like a sure thing to get picked up to me. Interesting how he could go from All-Star to bottom of the order hitter so easily.

After Jeter gets his 3,000th hit, could we please put Brett Gardner back at the top of the order? I know he struggled there early, but you can’t just never bat him leadoff again because he had a poor few weeks.

David Robertson might be the Yankees best relief threat. It seems as though they expect him to get out of every jam they bring him into.

Curtis Granderson has the perfect swing for Yankee Stadium.

Not sure how I feel about benching Jorge Posada versus lefties. This guy has been a great right-handed hitter before. Long term he has to be a better option than Andruw Jones (I don’t care if Jones hit a few fastballs for home runs).

The Yankees have started off their road trip poorly so far, dropping two out of three to the Mariners. Their goal should be to be within one game of the Red Sox by the time they get home. That way, they could leave that series back in first place. Yankees take on the A’s and Angels later on this week.

Something about long West Coast road trips scare me, as I am predicting the Yankees to drop two out of three in each series. I also predict that Swisher will go on a tear this week since he seems to be very close to breaking out of his slump. That’s all I have. Enjoy some late, late-night baseball games.

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