May 15, 2011

One small step for lenNY’s Yankees

I guess you could say I’m joining the dark side tomorrow.

I am working part-time for the Boston Globe's online sports department this summer. Yes, that means I will be heavily involved with the Red Sox, but I hope you aren’t disappointed in me. All this means is that I will know the Yankees’ rival better than I ever did before — even better than when I lived in New Hampshire for the first part of my life and had to defend myself from physical and verbal abuse every day.

Also, because this is only part-time, that means I will have a lot more time to devote to this blog. I’m especially looking forward to that after surviving the busiest few weeks of my life (taking over more responsibility on my school newspaper, finals, job hunting). I have one more year left at Quinnipiac, but first I get three months of freedom.

I’ve wanted to post about Phil Hughes’ troubles, Curtis Granderson’s heroics, and Derek Jeter’s … saga. Now I can, and I have plans to check in on the minors and some ex-Yanks.

If you ever have a topic you want to see covered here that I’m missing, send it in, please! Thank you all for staying with me and I am looking forward to my third summer of non-stop blogging.

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