January 11, 2012

Poll results: Yankees fans split on team's offseason grade

Some fans say the Yankees needed to do more this offseason. Others said they will be just fine. The results were split.

It's pretty clear to us at this point that Brian Cashman didn't like what was available this offseason and is waiting for next year's stacked free agent class, including Giants ace Matt Cain. It's either that or he has a lot of trust in his farm system and top four prospects Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances and Gary Sanchez.

I have several poll ideas but I want to start with the one that is most timely. I've heard fans discuss over and over again who was more valuable to the Yankees: Mariano Rivera or Derek Jeter? I think it's pretty clear that you have to give the edge to the everyday player, even though Mo's consistency as a reliever is unprecedented and he'll undeniably enter the Hall of Fame on his first ballot as the greatest reliever in the history of the game.

But, what about the other two Core Four members? Jorge Posada's retirement is imminent, and Andy Pettitte left the game for good (we think) last offseason. So I ask you this, fans: Who was more valuable to the Yankees: Posada or Pettitte?

Here are their career stat pages for reference, but I would hope people weigh in more than just the numbers for this poll.

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