September 19, 2012

A dream come true

When I started this Yankees blog as a clueless freshman at Quinnipiac, I hoped it would take me to the show. I wanted to cover the Yankees professionally.

For my first couple of years, it almost felt like I was one of the beats – posting multiple times each day – but without clubhouse access, of course.

Well, I'm not their next beat writer, and I'm not sure if I even want to do that anymore. But I will be covering the Yankees, along with all of the other New York sports teams, as an online sports editor/producer for the New York Daily News.

I graduated four months ago, and I couldn't be happier with my first full-time job in the real world.

This Yankees blog was my ticket to landing an internship with's sports department last May, and that internship has led me to the Daily News, another national leader in sports coverage. For this, I thank you, my readers, for coming back again and again, and for the comments that helped me become a better writer.

I realize that I will be moving to a place that is likely a lot closer to you than New Hampshire, Connecticut or Boston was. With that in mind, if anyone ever wants to meet up at a game or in Manhattan, I won't be far away. Email me here or tweet me here. I've met a few of you already, and it's been fun!

I'll start at the Daily News in early October, and I'll find out then if I'll be allowed to blog here anymore. If it has to come to an end, so be it. I have no regrets. This blog taught me so much about this growing industry, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without it. I encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a sports journalist to start a blog. This field is so competitive that not having a blog sets you back. 

I am definitely not the first to land a job because of a blog, but I'm proud and excited to join the crew.

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