September 11, 2012

David Cone mocks John Sterling: 'It is high, it is far, it's on my forehead!'

We already knew John Sterling could shake. Tonight, we learned he could twist (and see the baseball when it's flying right at him), too.

In this video, you'll see Cody Ross foul off a pitch toward the Yankees' broadcasting booths. While Suzyn Waldman and the YES Network gang kept their cool, this must have seemed like a heat-seeking missile to Mr. Sterling.

But if you keep listening, the real treat awaits you at the end, when David Cone mocks Mr. Sterling's legendary home run calls. Coney, once again, proves his brilliance.

For the record, I'm a huge Sterling supporter. As I know many of you despise him for his failure to follow the baseball very long after it leaves the infield, you'll feel at home here. OK, seriously, you'll like it here a little better.

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Anonymous said...

What's to like about sterling? He makes numerous and stupid mistakes game after game, thinks pop up are looking like home runs and whole the rest of humankind is using one of the multitude of apps for up to the minute pitch counts, and stats, the seems like he lost in 1937. It's unacceptable that he can't even use MLBs app. Parhetic

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