January 20, 2013

Stan Musial

I published this on my Facebook first, naturally, because this isn't just meant for baseball fans. It's for everybody.
Read this tribute of Stan Musial. Then read some of the tributes in the comments section. I promise that you will feel uplifted and probably a little teary-eyed because he no longer graces the earth with his presence. I also hope reading all of these stories makes you want to be a little more like Stan.

If I could pick one athlete, past or present, to meet, I'd choose Stan (by a longshot), knowing I'd become a better human being.

The George Vecsey biography of Stan was the best baseball book I ever read. I highly recommend reading that as well, baseball fan or not.

Make sure to read the Posnanski one in the comments too, but here's my favorite excerpt: "Stan knew his signature gave people joy so he signed everything. He was simple like that. Pure class."

Please share this post or the linked article because I think it will help make the world a better place.

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