March 31, 2013

Results for my 2012 MLB predictions

Perhaps even more entertaining than making preseason predictions is revisiting them after the season and grading myself.

Last year's highlights include accurately predicting the NL Central and Mark Teixeira's stolen base count, while epically failing on my prediction for Brett Gardner's runs total. But hey, I hit .327 (16/49) so I'm ecstatic. See full results below.

AL East 
1. Yankees CORRECT 
2. Rays* INCORRECT (Orioles)
3. Red Sox INCORRECT (Rays)
4. Blue Jays CORRECT 
5. Orioles INCORRECT (Red Sox)

AL Central 
1. Tigers CORRECT 
2. Royals INCORRECT (White Sox)
3. Indians INCORRECT (Royals)
4. Twins INCORRECT (Indians)
5. White Sox INCORRECT (Twins)

AL West 
1. Angels INCORRECT (Athletics)
2. Rangers* CORRECT
3. Athletics INCORRECT (Angels)
4. Mariners CORRECT

NL East 
1. Phillies INCORRECT (Nationals)
2. Braves* CORRECT
3. Marlins INCORRECT (Phillies)
4. Nationals INCORRECT (Mets)
5. Mets INCORRECT (Marlins)

NL Central 
2. Cardinals* CORRECT
3. Brewers CORRECT
4. Pirates CORRECT
6. Astros CORRECT

NL West 
1. Giants CORRECT
2. Diamondbacks INCORRECT (Dodgers)
3. Dodgers INCORRECT (Diamondbacks)
4. Rockies INCORRECT (Padres)
5. Padres INCORRECT (Rockies)

*Wild Card Winner 

AL Champion: Angels INCORRECT (Tigers)
NL Champion: Reds INCORRECT (Giants)
World Series Champion: Angels, 5 games INCORRECT (Giants, 4 games)

AL MVP: Albert Pujols  INCORRECT (Miguel Cabrera)
NL MVP: Joey Votto INCORRECT (Buster Posey)
AL Cy: David Price CORRECT
NL Cy: Tim Lincecum INCORRECT (R.A. Dickey)
AL RoY: Yu Darvish INCORRECT (Mike Trout)
NL RoY: Bryce Harper CORRECT
AL Manager: Jim Leyland INCORRECT (Bob Melvin)
NL Manager: Ozzie Guillen INCORRECT (Davey Johnson)
Yankee Stats
Alex Rodriguez RBIs: 148 INCORRECT (57, close...)
Andy Pettitte wins: 13 INCORRECT (5, meh)
Derek Jeter AVG: .306 INCORRECT (.316, and I thought I was overestimating the Captain)
Robinson Cano HR: 35 INCORRECT (33, I'll take that)
Brett Gardner R: 123 INCORRECT (7, ...was on pace for about 70)  
CC Sabathia Ks: 220 INCORRECT (197, he missed a few starts)
Michael Pineda ERA: 3.88 INCORRECT (N/A, hard to have an ERA without pitching any innings)
Mark Teixeira SB: 2 CORRECT (I just knew it, what can I say)

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