March 30, 2014

Results for my 2013 MLB predictions

There was no way I was going to match the success I had last year, when I hit .327 (16-for-49). Starting from the top, I practically picked the AL East in perfect reverse order. That's not an easy feat.

Anyway, this year I was 12-for-50. However, 3-for-8 for the awards section isn't too shabby!

AL East 
1. Blue Jays INCORRECT (Red Sox)
2. Yankees* INCORRECT (Rays)
3. Rays INCORRECT (Orioles)
4. Orioles INCORRECT (Yankees)
5. Red Sox INCORRECT (Blue Jays)

AL Central 
1. Tigers CORRECT
2. Royals INCORRECT (Indians)
3. White Sox INCORRECT (Royals)
4. Indians INCORRECT (Twins)
5. Twins INCORRECT (White Sox)

AL West 
1. Angels INCORRECT (Athletics)
2. Rangers* CORRECT
3. Athletics INCORRECT (Angels)
4. Mariners CORRECT
5. Astros CORRECT

NL East 
1. Nationals INCORRECT (Braves)
2. Braves* INCORRECT (Nationals)
3. Marlins INCORRECT (Mets)
4. Phillies CORRECT
5. Mets INCORRECT (Marlins)

NL Central 
1. Reds INCORRECT (Cardinals)
2. Pirates CORRECT
3. Brewers INCORRECT (Reds)
4. Cardinals INCORRECT (Brewers)

NL West 
1. Dodgers CORRECT
2. Giants* INCORRECT (Diamondbacks)
3. Diamondbacks INCORRECT (Padres)
4. Padres INCORRECT (Giants)
5. Rockies CORRECT

*Wild Card Winner 

AL Champion: Angels INCORRECT (Red Sox)
NL Champion: Nationals INCORRECT (Cardinals)
World Series Champion: Nationals, 6 games INCORRECT (Red Sox, 6 games)

AL MVP: Evan Longoria INCORRECT (Miguel Cabrera)
NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen CORRECT
AL Cy: David Price INCORRECT (Max Scherzer)
NL Cy: Clayton Kershaw CORRECT
NL RoY: Zack Wheeler INCORRECT (Jose Fernandez)
AL Manager: Jim Leyland INCORRECT (Terry Francona)
NL Manager: Don Mattingly INCORRECT (Clint Hurdle)
Yankee Stats 
Mariano Rivera saves: 27 INCORRECT (44, what a way to close a career)
David Robertson saves: 12 INCORRECT (3, here's to 30+ this year!)
Derek Jeter GIDP: 29 INCORRECT (3, he didn't even play in 29 games last year...)
Robinson Cano 2B: 51 INCORRECT (41, enjoy Seattle)
Brett Gardner AVG: .343 INCORRECT (.273, his OBP was .344!)
Hiroki Kuroda W: 17 INCORRECT (11, had a losing record with a 3.31 ERA)
Francisco Cervelli CS: 27 (defense) INCORRECT (2, sorry Cervy)
Ichiro Suzuki H: 188 INCORRECT (136, he's still 258 shy of 3,000)
Alex Rodriguez HBP: 7 (assuming he plays about half the season) INCORRECT (2, I can guess how many he'll have this year)

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