December 7, 2013

Keep an eye on the MLB favorites with future odds by

The cold season might be fast approaching but nothing will hinder an ardent baseball fan from preparing for the 2015 Major League Baseball Future Odds scheduled for spring. Keeping up gives you an idea of just who is positioned best to win the world title so any fan can keep up with the teams and perhaps wager on the teams with the best odds. Here is how you can experience the baseball season with predictions and MLB odds.

While a few roster moves here and there might bring forth changes, you can still speculate on the teams to focus on as early favorites based on preparedness, player acquisitions, records of winning and general updates on team performances closely followed by competent bookies.

The Bookies have placed on the topmost of the echelon the Washington Nationals (+450) and the Los - Angeles Dodgers (+450) as the early favorites. They are expected to move forward easily based on both their preparedness and past performances. Currently following these two are the Los Angeles Angels (+600) and the Detroit Tigers (+600). Both teams are highly competitive and it will be an interesting wager. Closely behind these two is St. Louis Cardinal (+700).The reigning champions San Francisco Giants (+900) follows narrowly. The Giants are on the spotlight because of their current title and much is expected from this team by their fans, supports and management. 

These MLB odds are prone to some shaking up because of injuries and other events that will occur as these teams and others continue to charge up for the oncoming season such as last minute changes and surprise events. These teams are the most expected to carry the division titles easily.

Last season however took a surprising turn as the Giants and Kansas City Royals; which happened to be wild card teams that played in the World Series. The two teams played all the way up against all odds to the final show surpassing all the teams who had made division titles which also happened to be some of the most renowned MLB teams. That just might happen again this time.

Injuries have been known to shake up the roster especially those that cripple a team in a major way. Mostly any injuries before the season or in the early season will disturb the roster quite a bit. 

The American League East is a good point of focus for those seeking opinions. It is very possible for wild card teams to work their way up as seen from last year’s game. With the recent major acquisitions made by Toronto Blue Jays (+1100) it is highly probable that it could boost them to the top. The Orioles (+1100) as well as Boston Red Sox (+900) as well the New York Yankees (15/1) are expected to give them a run for their money. The chances of two AL East teams making post season are very high.

There will be more changes updated as the season approaches but if your instincts are strong on who will take the championship home, and they are backed by the odds to win; now might be just that time you should put your money on that team.

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