January 3, 2014

MLB Stats, Standings & Leaders by mybookie.ag

In this year’s baseball season, the form and phenomenal performance of the Latino players is one thing that cannot pass unnoticed. Their start to the season has been absolutely outstanding and the statistics are there to back up the credit given to them. 

Both in the National and the American League, there is at least one Latino player leading in 8 of the top 10 pitching and hitting categories. These categories include the number of home runs, ERA, batting average and run batted in both leagues. As the league continues to heat up, make sure you are not left out; get in on the action! Get the MLB odds here.

Let us take a look at some of the players and what they have achieved so far in the league that makes them stand out. Miguel Cabrera’s .517 performance at the plate earned him the lead in terms of batting in the American League. As much as no one expects him to maintain or match the same outstanding performance throughout the season, Detroit Tigers understand very well that they have the best player there is in the game. Be rest assured that Cabrera will be contending for his third MVP award of his career. Jose Iglesias, the Cuban infielder is second with the highest batting average in the American League.

As we cross over to the NL, Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers is currently leading with a batting average of .556. At 32 years of age, the Mexican is on the offensive since apart from leading in batting average, he is also leading in the number of home runs with five to his name so far. As we stay on the home runs, Nelson Cruz has four homers in the bag already at the start of the season which is the best in the American League. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise to many since Cruz led last season with 40 homers for the Baltimore Orioles and he is looking to continue with the same impressive results or the Seattle Mariners.

It doesn’t stop there; both Salvador Perez and Carbera are tied for runs batted in the league this season with 9 among the American League hitters. Perez has carried the Kansas City Royals to the first place in the American League while Carbera has the tigers in a close second place. Although it is not a Latino player that is leading the NL in RBI’s, Gonzalez sits comfortably in third place with seven.

History continues to favor Latino players, especially in at the plate, but not so much on the pitcher’s mound. Players like Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and Roberto Clemente have impressed in the past. Out of the six pitchers in the American League who are tied for first with a 0.00 ERA, two of them, Carlos Carrasco and Jiminez Carrasco are both born in the Latin American. The other Latino players that continue to impress in the league include; Bartolo Colon, Julio Teheran, Rubby De La Rosa and Dominicans Joaquin Benoit. If you take a look at every statistical category in hitting and pitching you will find that a Latino player leads or at least shares the first place with another player.

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