January 28, 2009

Johnny, Nady, Melky selected to start by fans

In my most recent poll, I asked who would start in the outfield on opening day for the '09 season.

Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady are the clear frontrunners to start in left and right field, respectively.  Melky Cabrera edged out Hideki Matsui for the final starting role, only by a couple of votes though.

Johnny Damon:  17/21
Xavier Nady:  16/21
Melky Cabrera:  10/21
Hideki Matsui:  8/21
Brett Gardner:  7/21
Nick Swisher:  7/21
Austin Jackson:  2/21

If my poll holds true, that leaves Matsui and Swisher in a battle for the DH spot.  Gardner will probably end up a late inning pinch runner/defensive replacement.  Jackson will hopefully find an opportunity to play sooner rather than later - he's a stud!

My next poll is a toughy so I'm allowing a week and a half to vote.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Melky did so well in the poll, after his performance last year. I wonder if the vote was an enthusiastic endorsement of Melky or an indication of "who-else-do-we-got"?

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