January 30, 2009

Yankees done signing big FA's, by rule

The Yankees can no longer sign any more big free agents this offseason. They have reached their quota of three type A or B free agents.  

"If there are from 39 to 62 [Type A and B] players [during a given offseason], no team can sign more than three." - Barry Bloom of MLB.com reports

However, C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira are not the only type A or B players they have signed.  By rule, any re-signed player does not count towards filling a teams' offseason quota.  This is why we were able to bring back Andy Pettitte and Damaso Marte.

The only somewhat-big move you might see out of the Yanks is a trade of Nick Swisher or Xavier Nady.  Like I've said though, I'd rather keep both.

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