February 17, 2009

A-Rod tells all...again

A-Rod's at it again.  His second attempt of 2009 to try and get people to like him was just as unsuccessful as the first.

This time, he came prepared, with an opening statement.  He told us that he took Ripped Fuel (from GNC) when he played for the Mariners.  Then he admitted to taking "Boli," which most likely is primobolan.  Peter Gammons asked A-Rod directly if he had taken it, and he said he did not know.

When asked if he could give us any assuraces that he is telling us everything right now, he responded with, "I may have to answer them (questions) for the rest of my career."

This is another implication that he has not told us everything.  

Roy Oswalt and Jamie Moyer have both said on record recently that he is not a credible person and nobody should vote him to the hall of fame.  A-Rod responded to questions about both of their comments with, "I'm sorry he feels that way." 

From that, I can tell that he believes he is a hall of famer.  He made sure to note that in his mind, his best two seasons ('96, '07) came outside the '01-'03 span.  Well A-Rod, now I know you are trying to bail yourself out.  Anyone who glances over his career numbers can point out that 2002 was either his best or second best year.

In one of the later questions, he said that he is just here to say that he is sorry.  He also wishes that he had gone to college.

Let me get this straight, he's saying he would not have taken PEDs if he had gone to college.  As a college student, I can tell A-Rod that you don't learn those types of things in college.  This is a moral issue; some people are cheaters and some people aren't.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, and just as mad at A-Rod as you are. But let's give him a little bit of credit. Compare how he's handled this to how McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds have handled it. Bonds actually has the gall to say yes I took steroids but I didn't know it! Yes A-Rod, you're a cheater, but you're a little bit higher on the scale then M, S, and B.

Lenny Neslin said...

True. A-Rod has at least attempted to put this all behind him. McGuire, Sosa and Bonds are still fighting the truth.

Anonymous said...

A-Rod has one shot at making the Hall of Fame, and that is to be the centerpiece of a New York Yankees championship winning dynasty. The future is the only thing that can put him in the Hall of Fame, not what he has already done. Individual records as we've seen can be ruined by steroids, but a world championship cannot. I'd say he will need at least 2-3 rings by the end of his career.

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