March 23, 2009

2nd Featured Yankee Card of the Week!

For this week's card I've chosen this Phil Hughes 2006 TriStar Prospects Plus ProTential card.  It is valued at $1.50-4.00 (depending on the condition).  I would say it's in "near mint" condtion, meaning it would be valued at close to $4.00.  There is a whole grading scale industry for cards that I won't get into.

Anyways, I got this card at a Trenton Thunder game in a pack of other "Prospects Plus" cards.  This ProTential card is an insert though, meaning that this was not the prototypical card in each pack.  At the game, I also saw Austin Jackson, which is why I learned to love him.

***Note: this is the second week in a row I've chosen a landscape shaped card (oppose to portrait).  Most baseball cards are portrait, but I find that the landscape ones tend to be very cool.

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