March 23, 2009

Fans vote: Slightly favor Yanks moving an extra outfielder

Sorry I did not live up to my last Sunday's post about how fans can expect a new poll and a new featured Yankee card of the week.  To say the least, my day was very hectic.

Anyways, the fans have voted, and the results are in.  When asked if the Yankees would move any of their outfielders before opening day, the fans gave a slight edge to moving an outfielder.

Yes, make a move:               55%
No, don't make a move:     45%

I voted yes because the way I see it now, Brett Gardner's in center and Melky Cabrera has no place on the Yankees.  Melky undoubtedly has major league talent, but I think he would benefit the Yankees far more by getting them someone with a lot of potential in a trade.

I don't know if everyone is referring to Melky or Gardner in this vote, because they may also be referring to the Xavier Nady-Nick Swisher conflict.

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