March 15, 2009

Featured Yankee Card of the Week!

Every Sunday from now on there will be a newly updated Yankee card at the top of the left sidebar, as well as a new poll (right sidebar).  I started collecting baseball cards when my dad first bought me a box of 1997 Topps factory set.  It became one of my major hobbies in middle school, but I have slowed down more and more as the years go by.

I will kick this feature off with a card from my first box: my favorite player, Derek Jeter.  You can click on the card to get a larger look at it.  For this card, the trophy in the bottom left signifies that he was considered a "Topps All-Star Rookie."


nutballgazette said...

Great looking Card. My favorite cards in my small collection is the League Leader cards that Topps put out during the 60s. They all had the top 3 in each of the main Categories in hitting and pitching.

Lenny Neslin said...

Topps still puts out the league leader cards. Do you still have those cards by the way? Because if you have any Topps cards from the 1960s in good condition they could be worth a fair amount. Beckett magazine should help you. My dad had a lot of valuable cards from the '60s but his mom threw them away when he left for college. A tragedy.

nutballgazette said...

I still have them but they are not all in great shape. My best cards are 1965 Mantle and Maris cards. They are in very good condition but not mint. If only I kept my cards when I was growing up and buying cards--1961 through 1970, My mom always said for me to buy the whole set but it was too much fun opening up packs. They came out in 6 series throughout the year. I would open up a pack and say Need It, Need it, Got it, Need it etc. etc. Of course always wanted any Yankee card.
Don't ask me what I did with my rookie Jerry Koosman Cards with some other guy named Nolan Ryan on them.

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