March 5, 2009

A-Rod to undergo hip surgery, out 10 weeks

Alex Rodriguez's brother, Joe Dunand, told ESPNdeportes this morning that A-Rod will have surgery in order to remove a cyst from his right hip, according to

The surgery is schedule for Monday, in Colorado.
"It's a big blow for the whole family. Alex is destroyed," Joe Rodriguez told "We were all very excited to see him play with the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic.
This is major news for the Yankees, and for baseball, as A-Rod has experienced quite an offseason prior to this news.

Does anyone think this cyst injury has anything to do with the PEDs he had (has) been taking?  I'm not an expert, but here's what I found from WebMD:
What are the causes of a cyst?
Cysts can arise through a variety of processes in the body, including:
  • "Wear and tear" or simple obstructions to the flow of fluid
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Genetic (inherited) conditions
  • Defects in developing organs in the embryo
Whether it has something to do with his history with PEDs or not, A-Rod is out for 10 weeks and will miss the first month of the season, and probably more.  It seems that his brother Joe was more concerned with the W.B.C. than the Yankees, but as you know, I do not care for the W.B.C. in the slightest.  We need A-Rod healthy for the rest of the season after he gets back.

Tough break for the Yanks.


Anonymous said...

There are very strong indications that some anabolic steroids can cause tumors.

Also, the Wear and Tear aspect is probably multiplied when PEDs are used.

Infections could come from anywhere, and that would have nothing to do with PEDs unless he shared needles, which i seriously doubt because of his status.

Lenny Neslin said...

There you go folks. Nice research to find that link Anonymous.

Now, for the next hot topic in Yankee Land: Cody Ransom.

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