March 17, 2009

Who's pitching before Mo?

Our last true setup man that the Yankees have had is Tom Gordon for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. Since then, the Yanks have had no steady setup man that they can hand the ball off to after the seventh inning. I read an article that said that Brian Bruney was vying for the job. Here's what he said:
"I look at it like it's mine," Bruney said. "I've got to prepare for the eighth inning. Until somebody tells me what I'm throwing, my goal is the eighth inning. That's what I'm mentally preparing for."
Now, Bruney is definitely a contender for the job, but let's not forget about Damaso Marte. Marte has been in the news recently because of a chest injury he sustained while working out before a World Baseball Classic game. Assuming he is healthy for opening day, I feel the Yankees have to consider him for the job. Although his 5.40 ERA with the Yankees last season isn't very comforting, there is no denying that he has electric stuff. He struck out 24 batters in 18.33 innings, and if you saw him pitch for the Dominican Republic recently, you know what I mean.

I believe you will see both pitchers in the eighth inning this season, and Joe Girardi will choose who goes based on the opposition's hitters - as we know, Marte is a lefty and Bruney is a righty.

Have at it.

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