March 16, 2009

Yankees have their way with defending champs

The Yankees annihilated the Phillies 12-0 today. The Yankees banged out 20 hits (16 singles) and only gave up six hits.

Joba Chamberlain, Brian Bruney, Kei Igawa, Jonathan Albaladejo and David Robertson pitched in the shutout. Chamberlain and Igawa alone combined for six innings.

Cody Ransom, Xavier Nady and Shelley Duncan added two hits apiece, but the only standout performer on offense was Nick Swisher; he went 3-for-4 with three RBIs. - Full box score

I know, I know, it's just spring training. Just seeing the score on the ESPN BottomLine jumped out at me so much. An obvious explanation for the one-sided game was that the Phillies hardly used any of their major leaguers, probably because they still have a lot of their core players from last season in the World Baseball Classic.

The only thing I'm taking from this game is that maybe Swisher is starting to shake off some of his offseason rust. He was batting just .130 going into the game.


Anonymous said...

They won because the Phillies suck
Honestly if they had gone against the red sox or even the Yankees they would have been out in 5 at the most. They just happened to get lucky and play against an immensely talented but also incredibly young and inexperienced Rays team that was too aggressive at the plate.

WBC or no WBC, American League powerhouses like the Yankees should be tooling on the Phillies

Swisher having a good game is a good sign. I was beginning to think that he may have been very upset with the signing of Mark Teixeira, and just decided that he didn't want to play for the Yankees anymore.

Andrew Vazzano said...

And Kyle Kendrick is miserable.

Anonymous said...

No room to talk...anonymous. Phils are defending champs and Yankees didnt even make it into September last year. And yes Kyle Kendrick is miserable, that is why he will not even make it into the Phils rotation this year, Chan Ho park is fighting for that 5th spot right now and they way he has been playing shows he will most likely get it. Let's not get too excited, Yankees fans. For yes, this is still Spring Training.

Lenny Neslin said...

I'd be worried about trying to repeat championships with Chan Ho Park at no. 5 though. It's a shame too, because haven't they retained pretty much every important guy on that team from last year?

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