April 30, 2009

Greinke hits S.I. cover

greinke cover

I received my copy of S.I. today only to find Zack Greinke on the cover.  He is 5-0 with an 0.50 ERA this season, and leads the majors in both categories.  This was not news to me because I have a good friend in my hall bragging about his greatness in my ear every day – thanks to an idiotic bet I took him up on.

I gave him 10:1 odds that Zack Greinke will not win the Cy Young Award this season.  I know it’s only April, but he’s 5-0, and who else in the American League is going to take it from him?  If Greinke wins the award, I have to hand him a c-note.  FML.

The Yankees took two out of three from the Royals earlier this April, and fortunately evaded Greinke’s start in the rotation.  Hopefully by the time the two teams meet again at the end of September, Greinke will have cooled down just a little bit.


Interested Reader said...


Lenny Neslin said...

Yes... Although, I think he will accept any form of $100.

Peter Abraham said...

Who is pretending to be me?

Joe Sikorski said...

Funny everyone's jumping on the bandwagon now (as usually everyoe does in the sports world) because I said that Greinke would have the "stuff to win 20 games if the Yankees signed him" word for word haha...And this was in 2005 when he had that horrific 5 and 17 season. He's a tremendous talent but an extremely strange guy. It's scary to think that he's only 25!!

Anonymous said...

Lenny, It's September 28th and you were right Greinke has "cooled down" to a league low ERA of 2.06. We keep hearing of all the reasons why Greinke doesn't deserve the Cy, and he keeps answering the detractors with performance after performance, including shutting down Boston last week and Mauer yesterday (No one has struck out Mauer twice in one game). For Greinke to have 16 wins with a team as terrible as the Royals should be, in itself, reason enough for him to win the Cy. Look at the number of losses that he has had, where he has left the game with the other team scoring zero or one run. The Cy Young award is for the Best pitcher in the AL. Sabathia is a great pitcher, but his numbers do not compare with Greinkes (43 more strike outs for Greinke, 2 more shutouts, over 1% better ERA). Oh, I forget, Sabatha has 3 more wins than Greinke, I sure wish Greinke had done more on those zero and 1 run games to help his team win....

Lenny Neslin said...

Anonymous. I never have argued anywhere that CC Sabathia should win the Cy Young Award. In fact, I actually wrote something arguing for Greinke winning the Cy Young for another blog here:


The whole thing about me not wanting Greinke to win is because of the wager I made with my friend that is discussed in this post.

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