May 3, 2009

Poll Results: Pitching causing Yanks' troubles

In my last poll, I asked what the main cause for the Yankees' recent troubles are.  The majority of fans voted that their pitching was the biggest cause.  Here are the full results:

Hitting:  5%
Pitching:  79%
Fielding:  0%
Managing:  15%

The pitching has definitely been a major cause of concern for the Yankees, specifically their bullpen.  The Yanks' bullpen ERA currently ranks 29th in the majors at 6.69.  On top of that, Damaso Marte, their most expensive reliever besides Mariano Rivera, just landed on the 15-day DL, joining their other setup man Brian Bruney.  The Yanks need to address this issue at the all-star break, but hopefully before then.

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