May 2, 2009

Sabathia needs to step it up!

CC Sabathia was pitching beautifully for six innings today againt the Angels, but then ran out of gas in the seventh and blew the game.  Here's the box if you want to know the ugly details.

I know last season Sabathia had a bad start, and then after that he was dominant.  Well to be exact, it was his first four starts that were hurrendous - all against teams with not-so-great offenses either.  Today was his sixth start and it marked the fourth time he has allowed four or more runs.  His only two good starts came against the weak-hitting Royals and his old team, the Indians.

I am not as angry about his pitching troubles because of his outrageous contract like some people are.  I hate using money as a reason to think somebody should play better because although $161 million over seven years (Sabathia's deal) is an absurd amount, so would anything $100 million less than that number.  The contracts have been so high recently because agents are always going to be comparing their clients to someone with the biggest contract at their position.  So in CC's case, his agent probably compared him to Barry Zito because he makes around $18 million per season.

Anyways, CC needs to return to last season form quickly, or the Yankees will be in trouble.  He was supposed to be the Yankees' first legitimate ace of their staff in the past 5-10 years.  Also, it's not like every season he starts out really bad, and then is really good later on.  In 2007, his ERA was 2.25 after his first four starts.

I was so excited to have him in the front of the Yanks' staff in spring training, but now I'm starting to lose interest.


Anonymous said...

ok as a starter ur expexted to pitch a good 5 to 6 innings anything after that is a gift if the bullpen hasnt given up so many runs in the end of that game then its a whole different game because the yankees did rally at the end and if Giraridi trusted the bullpen more he wouldnt need cc to pitch for so long

Lenny Neslin said...

I would say for an ace of the staff, and a near Cy Young Award winner last year, CC is expected to pitch a good 6-8 innings a start, especially someone as durable as him.

Now, there's no denying the Yankees bullpen has been sub-par thus far, but would you have taken out your #1 after six today? He had only allowed one run up to that point.

DjFog86 said...

Did you watch the inning he blew up in? Damon badly played a pop up to short LF hit by Izturis. That inning probably never blows up if Damon makes that catch, 1 out with a man on first much different than none / 1st and 2nd.

Either way, the Yankees really do need to see some improvement out of CC. However, they also need to give him a little more run support as well.

Lenny Neslin said...

I was only able to see the first two innings of today's game. But if what you say is true, he still has been roughed up in his previous starts. He's not pitching like an ace should be.

I will be happy when he pitches like he did for the Brewers last season.

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