May 11, 2009

Poll Results: Wang’s return creates dilemma

My latest poll asked what the Yankees will do with their pitching staff when Chien-Ming Wang returns from the DL.

The poll results were not definitive between sending Phil Hughes down to the minors and moving Chamberlain to the bullpen, however, Peter Abraham’s most recent news might help make the decision a little easier.

Chien-Ming Wang will start Tuesday for Triple-A Scranton against Charlotte. He is cleared for 100 pitches.

If he pitches well, Wang could earn his return to the majors. Joe Girardi indicated that he is close.

Phil Hughes was shelled by the Orioles on Saturday, and could cost him his spot on the 25-man roster, for now.

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Anonymous said...

It's only May but the Yankees' pitching is awful. Our team ERA is 5.79. That's next to last in the AL, barely ahead of the Indians. It means we have to score 6 runs a game to win on a steady basis. No way. We have no pitcher with an ERA below 3. Phil Coke is best at 3.29 (not counting our friend Swisher, whose one inning nets him an ERA of 0.00!) There's no easy answer here - people just have to pitch! But the next step clearly is to put Joba back in the pen and go with CC, AJ, Pettitte, Wang, and Hughes. I can't believe these five guys can be that bad for the rest of the season. If they are, we lose and that's that. Meanwhile, Mariano obviously is having problems - we knew it would happen eventually. He may straighten them out but even if he does, having Joba for the 8th is the way to go. I know it's flip-flopping, but Joba is a reliever. His whole mentality is that of a reliever. He'll be a great one.

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