June 22, 2009

Another unearned run costly for Yankees

Last night’s loss was the second game in a row when an unearned run gave the Marlins a one-run victory. Melky Cabrera’s throw home in the seventh inning could have actually nabbed the first runner if it were on target, but instead it scooted past Jorge Posada allowing the game-winning run to score. Full box score here.


I know there were many other reason’s for the loss — Derek Jeter’s failure to drive in Brett Gardner in the ninth, and ace CC Sabathia leaving the game in the second inning — but just think about when the Yankees didn’t make any errors during their record-setting streak. No unearned runs, no extra chances for the opponent and no extra pitches from the staff.


Errors bring the team down mentally too. Like Joe Girardi said during the errorless streak, it shows an extreme amount of focus and effort from the team. The more focused the team, the less likely it is for them to make errors.


It’s tough to blame the bullpen for the loss because of Sabathia’s unexpected exit, but Brett Tomko really showed why he is the least-capable of the entire staff. There is no question that he is the next pitcher to be demoted.


Alfredo Aceves tossed 2-2/3 shutout innings in relief of Sabathia to extend the bullpen’s scoreless streak to 18-2/3. That has to be a season high for the Yanks.

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