June 22, 2009

Poll Results: AL East a four-team race

In my latest poll, I asked which of the five AL East teams are in playoff contention. Of course, the Yankees and Red Sox were voted in nearly every time, but the Blue Jays and Rays collected a decent percentage as well. Here are the full results:


Red Sox:  86%

Yankees:  80%
Rays:  44%

Blue Jays:  27%

Orioles:  0%


Despite the Rays currently standing in fourth place in the division, the respect for the defending AL champs showed in this poll.


The Yankees are clinging to a one-game lead in the wild card —just to put the rest of the league into perspective — as it is way too early to be eyeing the wild card race.


Honestly, this division is up for grabs at this point; the Rays and Jays could easily overtake the Sox and Yanks. It’s hard to imagine the playoffs without the Sox and Yanks, but it is actually a possibility this year.


Check out next week’s poll on the left pane: Is Joe Girardi a good manager for the Yankees?

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