June 5, 2009

Prodigy Bryce Harper says he wants to be a Yankee

bryceharperSixteen-year-old Bryce Harper of Las Vegas High School is said to be Baseball’s LeBron James.  More importantly, he told SI’s Tom Verducci that he wants to be a Yankee.

“When asked about his goals as a ballplayer, he replies, “Be in the Hall of Fame, definitely.  Play in Yankee Stadium.  Play in the pinstripes.  Be considered the greatest baseball player who ever lived.  I can’t wait.”

The cover of this week’s edition of Sports Illustrated points out that Harper has hit 570 foot homers and throws 96 MPH off the mound.  He’s also a catcher, so he has pretty much conquered every aspect of the game.

Wouldn’t it be nice if his dream of becoming a Yankee came true?

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