June 17, 2009

A-Rod becoming a major cause for concern

Everyone saw Alex Rodriguez get off to a slow start in May, but what he is doing in June is even worse.  I suggested before that Kate Hudson could be causing the hitting drought, but that’s highly unlikely.  The only other thing I can think of is that his hip is still bothering him.

Here are his batting numbers by month:

May:  .260/.412/.584
June:  .178/.339/.356

Of his 28 hits this season, nine have landed over the fence – eight of which in his new home in New York.  Even with the eight homers at home, he’s still hitting far worse than in road games.  His day/night numbers are even more weird: .318 vs. .179, respectively  These are some very quirky splits for a normally very consistent player.

It’s impossible to tell what is troubling him based on the numbers, so I feel he is hiding something from the media and/or the team.

He’s a career .305 hitter.  He will not finish the season below .250.

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