June 29, 2009

When will Mariano Rivera retire?

In ESPN’s Sunday Conversation, Bob Holtzman interviewed the great Mariano Rivera. When asked about retirement, Rivera replied that he will quit when he is no longer effective and/or not competitive. When do you think that will be?

Rivera turns 40 years old after this season, and is signed through next season as well. Rivera has nothing left to accomplish, as he is already widely recognized as the greatest relief pitcher of all time. Here’s his baseball career resume:

  • 500 saves
  • 2.31 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 971 Ks
  • Nine-time all-star (most likely 10 in a couple of weeks)
  • Five top-5 finishes in Cy Young Award voting
  • 34 postseason saves (most all time)
  • Four World Series rings

The craziest thing about his career, is that he did it all with one pitch. Every hitter knows the cutter is coming, but it is still rarely hit hard.

He posted his highest ERA as a closer in 2007 at 3.15, and his lowest in ‘08 at 1.40. He’s off to a “rough” start in ‘09, but could easily go the rest of the season with less than two blown saves.

Unless Rivera completely loses it after this season, or he gets hurt, you have to expect that he will demand another contract with the Yankees. I hope the two parties reach an agreement on something, because he better not end up in any other uniform in 2011.

If he has a good season in 2010, I believe the best thing to do is sign him to a one-year deal with a club option. Do you agree?

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