June 29, 2009

Would you be surprised if the Yankees traded for Matt Holliday?

The Yankees have always been known to make a significant move at the trade deadline. The bullpen seems to be the only place due for an upgrade, while the outfield is neither a weak spot nor a strong spot. Judging from the Yankees history — and Xavier Nady’s Tommy John surgery — I would not be surprised if the Yankees traded for Matt Holliday or another star outfielder.

The Yankees have not officially been linked to Holliday, but he seems to be the biggest player available at the deadline as of right now. Another possible target could be Jermaine Dye of the White Sox.

Here’s a list of recent moves by the Yankees at previous trade deadlines.

2008: Acquired Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte and Ivan Rodriguez
2007: Acquired Wilson Betemit
2006: Acquired Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle
2005: Acquired Shawn Chacon and Alan Embree
2004: Acquired Esteban Loaiza

Notice: the Yankees have acquired an outfielder in each of the past three deadlines.

I feel that the Yankees will make an unexpected significant move right before the deadline, because they know they will need more than they have to beat the Red Sox and make a run at the World Series.

For once, starting pitching is not a concern whatsoever, and the infield is stuffed with impact players at every position. The outfield and the bullpen should be the only focuses at the deadline.

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