July 20, 2009

Alfredo Aceves Featured Yankee Card of the Week

I finally got a card of Alfredo Aceves for my birthday a short while ago, so I finally have a chance to honor him for his performance this season. As a reliever this season, he has compiled a 5-1 record, a 2.20 ERA and a .951 WHIP.

He made one start before the All-Star break, but it didn’t go well, especially because of the 65-pitch limit set on him. Now he is back in the bullpen and back to doing what he has done best. The combination of him and Phil Hughes has really helped bridge the gap to Mariano Rivera.

Since this is his rookie year, this is his rookie card. I learned from the back of the card that his “Latin friends often refer to him “Paton” (“large feet”). So it looks like we have a new nickname for Ace.

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