July 20, 2009

Joba Chamberlain quiets B-Jobbers

chamberlainMike Francesa and his army of B-Jobbers probably were  speechless after Joba Chamberlain dominated in yesterday’s sweep of the Tigers.

Chamberlain struggled mightily in his previous two starts, and hadn’t pitched into the seventh inning since June 24. Perhaps all the talk of moving Chamberlain back to the bullpen was a bit of an overreaction.

However, his short-length starts all season have led to just seven decisions in 18 starts. Keeping a low pitch count is clearly a weakness, but it can only be fixed by continuing to start.

Note: he has collected a win in each of his four starts longer than six innings this season.

There is no doubt that Chamberlain has proven he can be a dominant reliever, but there is no question that becoming a great starter would be far more valuable to the Yankees.

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