July 16, 2009

MLB midseason awards

Based on the first half of the season, here are my midseason individual awards:

AL MVP: Justin Morneau
As much as I hate the guy for stealing the MVP from Derek Jeter back in 2006, I have to give him the nod. He is near the top of all offensive categories and is a great first basemen.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols
It’s a no-brainer. He could be the first triple crown winner since Carl Yastrzemski. And his team is in first place.

AL Cy Young:
Zack Greinke
If this pick holds true through the second half, I could be in some serious debt. But I have to give this guy credit. He is having one of the biggest breakout seasons for a starter in recent memory.

NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum
This was a tough one between Lince and Dan Haren. Haren has the edge in WHIP and ERA, while Lince leads in wins and strikeouts.

AL RoY: Brett Gardner
Gardner is having a heck of a year, especially for a part time player. I know Ricky Romero is there for the Blue Jays, but he isn’t having an exceptional year. I’m really impressed with Gardy’s .282/.352/.404.

J.A. Happ
He’s 6-0 with a sub-three ERA. That wins you the RoY award, not Romero’s line.

AL Manager: Mike Scioscia
I think this is also a no-brainer. He has helped his team overcome so many injuries and a catastrophic loss to Nick Adenhart. His team is leading the West!

NL Manager: Joe Torre
He has led his team to the best record in baseball by far, and has done it without Manny Ramirez for most of the season.

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