August 1, 2009

Is Mitre out after last night’s blown lead?

In case you didn’t hear, the Yankees jumped right out of the gates with three runs in the first inning. Instead of going on to a rout victory, the White Sox bullpen was lights out once again and Sergio Mitre didn’t make it into the fourth inning. The Yanks lost 10-5.

This begs the question if Mitre gets to keep his job. Here is an alarming response from Joe Girardi.

"I'm not sure we have a lot of options at this point," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "He's got to get it done."

As PeteAbe put it, “Translation: I sure hope Brian Cashman comes up with a waiver deal for a warmer body.”

I don’t see how Cashman could feel confident with Mitre starting one more game for his club. In three starts, he’s pitched 13-2/3 innings and has allowed 12 earned runs.

MLBTR pointed out that Paul Byrd is still unsigned. He would definitely be an upgrade over Mitre. What do you think?

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