August 24, 2009

The meaning of the best record in baseball

The Yankees finished their 10-game road trip with the best record in baseball (78-46), and lead the majors with a 62.9 winning percentage. So what?

If the playoffs started today, then the Yankees would get home field advantage for the entire postseason, but only because the AL won the All-Star Game this year. If you didn’t know, the winner of the All-Star Game determines which league gets home field.

This rule doesn’t click with me so well. Why should a team lose their home field in the World Series because players for other teams choked during the All-Star Game?

I was trying to think of another way to honor the best team in baseball, and I could only think of making it a yearly award based only on records so at least there is something to be fighting for. But that’s just an idea.

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