August 20, 2009

Why do I now know Joba Chamberlain wlll make six more starts this season?

The big news of the off-day is Joba Chamberlain’s plan for the rest of the season. Joe Girardi revealed that Chamberlain will make six starts the rest of the season. Peter Abraham estimates that “would likely put him around 165” innings for the season.

I have two issues with this. First, it is very, very stupid of Girardi to reveal his plans so openly to the media. This is the second time I feel that Girardi has given too much information to the media. All this announcement does is keep fans and writers guessing when Joba will start, and eventually lead to more media craze like it did when Alex Rodriguez was told he would get one off-day a week.

I have no problem with Girardi telling Joba the plan privately, but now the whole Yankee universe knows as well as their opponents.

My second issue with this is it is way too far in advance to be able to tell something like this. I would assume that Girardi has already mapped out which games Joba will be starting in order to determine how many starts he would make. Well, what about rain outs? What if he changes his mind and wants to give him less starts? What if he gets injured?

I also realize it’s kind of oxymoronic for me to not want this information, as I am an aspiring journalist and this info is supposed to be what I live for. However, I care more about the Yankees winning the World Series with as few distractions as possible. So please, Joe, try and keep these plans within the clubhouse and no futher.

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