September 1, 2009

RoY Austin Jackson to come later with MVP Shelley Duncan

That’s right. Two “prestigious” minor league awards were given out to outfielders Austin Jackson and Shelley Duncan for their ‘09 performances, but neither were included in the first group of September call-ups.

Sadly, it actually makes sense that they were not, because there simply is no room for them. Here is a list of players above them on the depth chart:

  1. Johnny Damon
  2. Nick Swisher
  3. Melky Cabrera
  4. Jerry Hairston Jr.
  5. Brett Gardner (when he gets back, here’s an update)
  6. Eric Hinske

So basically, three guys are above them while Hideki Matsui is constantly occupying the DH spot. I don’t see a lot of playing time until Joe Girardi starts resting his starters.

Mark Feinsand tweeted both are likely to be called up after the International League comes to an end.

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