September 1, 2009

Yankees squander yet another deadline

The waiver deadline was at 11:59 last night, and the Yankees, once again, made no action to improve the team’s pitching. I was stunned to wake up this morning only to find out Jon Garland and Jim Thome were acquired by the Dodgers, and Jose Contreras went to the Rockies.

Many people are saying the Yanks don’t have any major holes to fill, but I disagree. I am not quite satisfied with their pitching, and was somewhat content with acquiring utility man Jerry Hairston Jr. (who botched Andy Pettitte’s perfect game yesterday, just saying).

But look at all the other moves that have been made at both deadlines by contenders. Victor Martinez to the Red Sox, Jake Peavy to the White Sox (didn’t pan out, and now the team is selling), Cliff Lee to the Phillies, Jarrod Washburn to the Tigers, Matt Holliday to the Cardinals, Scott Kazmir to the Angels, Billy Wagner to the Red Sox, and many more. If you are keeping track, I’ve hit every single division leader so far except the Yankees.

Any of these pitchers moved at either deadline would have been perfectly suited for the Yankees’ rotation or bullpen. Now, the Yankees will be relying on Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin as the fifth starter and long reliever (for Joba Chamberlain), respectively.

I would be so happy with the Yankees with the addition of just one decent bullpen arm — even a low risk, high reward guy like Wagner. But no. Nothing was ever completed, just “some interest.”

Now it is too late for the Yankees to add anyone who is eligible for the postseason roster, so I believe Brian Cashman royally screwed up this year’s trade deadlines. If the Yankees don’t win a championship this year — god forbid — I say the blame goes to Cashman.

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