September 18, 2009

So long, Peter Abraham

The father of Yankees blogging is about to switch teams. Peter Abraham, the Yankees beat writer for The Journal News, is accepting a position for the Boston Globe.

Yes, that means he will be covering the Red Sox.

Whether you care to believe this or not, beat writers don’t root for teams. Our teams are our papers. We root for good stories and perhaps for certain people we meet along the way. This is a decision that I made for personal and professional reasons and I hope you can understand that.

I thought that point was very interesting. I couldn’t imagine covering the Yankees and not caring whether they win or not. However, I could see myself covering the Padres and not caring when I got switched to the Blue Jays (hypothetical).

Anyway, Peter Abraham’s LoHud Yankees Blog is the best Yankees blog out there. That means he will be a big loss to the Yankees blogging community. I would not want to be the guy who has to fill his shoes. (It kind of reminds me of the successor of Mariano Rivera, whoever that maybe.)

He still has about two weeks left before switching to Boston. I’d like to thank Peter for doing such a great job as a beat, and for dedicating his life to fans like me. You will be deeply missed.

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