September 15, 2009

Yankees’ 2010 schedule released

Apparently baseball thought it was a good idea to release the 2010 baseball schedule today, so that’s what they did. Here is the Yankees’ 2010 schedule, highlighted by starting and ending the season at Fenway Park.

Here are some other notes from the Yankees’ schedule:

  • They will head out to LA June 25-27 to face Joe Torre and the Dodgers.
  • They will face the Red Sox 18 times in 2010. Nine in New York, and nine in Boston.
  • They visit Citi Field on May 21-23, and the Mets will come to Yankee Stadium June 18-20.
  • They play 29 games in May and August (only two off-days in each month).
  • The All-Star Game will be held in Anaheim on July 13 (a day before my birthday).
  • Monday, Apr. 5 is opening day at Fenway. Mark it on your calendars.

Oh, and if someone knows why the MLB releases the schedule during the 2009 season, please leave it in the comments. Thanks.

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