October 22, 2009

Arguing against Olney

Here’s Buster Olney’s argument for expanding instant replay:

They might as well do it right now, in an effort to make the game better. If the Yankees win tonight, there will be five days until the World Series starts, and Major League Baseball should use that time to define the parameters of expanded replay use and determine how the communication will work.

Don’t put the onus on the managers to throw out some silly red challenge flag — just get it right. If an umpire such as John Hirshbeck were to oversee the replay booth during the World Series, he could be in communication with the crew chief, and if replay shows that a call is wrong, just stop the game and fix it. Anyone watching the television knows, in almost all cases, whether a call is wrong or right within 20 seconds after a play is concluded. Major League Baseball should give the umpires those same tools.

Here’s the thing with “just getting it right.” There aren’t just three to five questionable plays per game. There’s usually one every half inning. Therefore, Olney is suggesting close to 20 plays to be reviewed per game. Not gonna happen, Buster.

It just goes to show how amazing these umps are for getting so many calls right. However, people only remember the bad calls, so they think the umpires are awful. Not the case.

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