October 21, 2009

Thank you, Mother Nature

Wasn’t it nice that the rain didn’t screw up this series? If either of the first two games had been rained out, it would have forced the Yankees to use a fourth starter.

In other words, you would not have watched CC Sabathia throw another gem like he did in game 4.

I hate it when weather interferes with the game. Don’t forget what happened with Joba Chamberlain and the gnats back in 2007.

If you are wondering why the Yankees have an off-day today, it is because of TV — as usual. Tonight is the NLCS, and last night the NLCS had its off-day.

In the World Series, it will be two games at the American League ballpark, off-day, three games at the National League park and then two more back at the AL park — if it went seven games, that is.

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