October 21, 2009

Don’t expand instant replay! (Updated)

There has been much ado over the postseason umpiring recently. Yes, the call at third base yesterday was atrocious. And yes, the call on Joe Mauer’s “foul ball” was inexplicable. Still, I am a purist, and expanding instant replay rules in baseball is not the option.

Already, borderline home run calls are being reviewed. If MLB continues to add on things to review, eventually umps won’t be making the calls.

UPDATE: Also, for those who bash the umps, be quiet. Although those calls may seem obvious on instant replay, the umpires don’t get the same looks that we do. Does anyone understand the training process these guys have to go through to be selected? Or how much experience they have to have to ump in the postseason?

It’s very easy to pick on them for the calls they get wrong, but nobody remembers all of the calls they got right.

Major League Baseball better not change the rules for the rest of the postseason. If they change them at all, do it next year.

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