November 19, 2009

Can you argue Girardi as AL Manager of the Year?

Angels manager Mike Scioscia was named AL Manager of the Year for the 2009 regular season. Now, there is no question he is a great manager and definitely was a top candidate. But can you argue that the manager of the best team record should have gotten the award?

Looking back on the 2009 season, I can remember countless times when my tweeps and I would berate Joe Girardi for making the wrong call in the game.

He continued his strategy of short leashes on pitchers in the postseason, and as much as some people hated it, it paid off. The Yankees were world champions.

Of course, the major counter argument to Girardi is the idea that the players won the World Series – not the manager (I agree with that).

Does anyone dare stand up for Girardi?

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