November 18, 2009

Olney: Yanks have no interest in Holliday

Via Buster Olney’s Twitter:

NYY are not interested in signing Matt Holliday. They'll talk to Boras to keep other bidders honest, but corner outfield not a priority for them.

This may come as a shock to most (see poll on left), as he is the top free agent on the market and the Yankees are in need of an outfielder.

Is this the right move to avoid Holliday? Can you say with absolute certainty that the Yankees will not have Holliday in 2010?

Better yet, will you bet me 10:1 odds that the Yankees won’t have Holliday in 2010? If he is on the team, I get $100 from you, if he isn’t, I give you $10. Deal? (See Greinke)

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